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Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase is on July 23rd

Message received, Master Chief

June is over, but we're not free from FakE3 just yet, folks. Two of the 'softs, Micro and Ubi, are planning showcases of their upcoming games for July. We've already got a date for Ubisoft Forward, and now Microsoft have announced the date for their big announcement bonanza as well. They'll be showing off all manner of Xbox (and likely PC) games on Thursday, July 23rd.

Of course we don't know exactly what Microsoft will be showing during the event, but we can make some educated guesses. According to Microsoft's prior announcement, this month's event will focus on their first-party projects under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella.

Recently, 343 Industries posted a message from The Banished likely signalling their return in Halo Infinite. I'd wager we'll hear other Infinite-related details during the show as well. Games that routinely see updates like Sea Of Thieves and Minecraft may also get a nod if Microsoft care to share the sorts of things we can expect from them over the next year.

Then there's Fable 4, the neither confirmed nor announced sequel to the series that Microsoft have been very sketchy about of late. They claimed a recently-registered Fable handle on Twitter was just standard operating procedure, which it may be, despite the auspicious timing. Not long after, they filed some new trademark paperwork with "intent to use." That's a little less standard procedure for an otherwise dormant series. Despite all that, definitely absolutely do not expect anything or get your hopes up because I totally am not either. Definitely.

As he has with several other showcases, games presenter man Geoff Keighley will be doing a pre-show an hour prior to the showcase as part of his Summer Game Fest if you're into such things. Otherwise you can catch the presentation directly through the Xbox Twitch and YouTube accounts at 5pm BST / 9am PDT.

Whatever you call it, hit our E3 2020 tag for more from this summer's blast of gaming announcements, trailers, and miscellaneous marketing. Check out the PC games at the PlayStation 5 show, everything at the PC Gaming Show, and all the trailers from the Xbox showcase, for starters.

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