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Minecraft is changing the way voting for new mobs works, and polls open today

24 hours to choose between tuff golem, rascal, or sniffer

Minecraft players have been able to vote on a new mob once a year ever since 2017, and this year’s polling begins today. Things are working a little differently for 2022’s mob vote, though. Instead of casting your vote on Twitter, you’ll be able to head into a dedicated carnival-themed Bedrock server, do it in the Minecraft launcher, or on Minecraft.net. Devs Mojang will reveal which mob scored the most votes during the Minecraft Live livestream tomorrow.

Cover image for YouTube videoMinecraft Live 2022: Which Mob Gets Your Vote?
Minecraft's mob vote 2022 is between the tuff golem, sniffer, and rascal.

Voting for the new mob kicks off at 5pm BST/6pm CEST/9am PDT, and you’ll have 24 hours to scribble on your digital ballot paper. This year’s new mob vote is between three candidates: tuff golem, rascal, and sniffer. The tuff golem is a walking statue that you build, like snow and iron golems, and you can make it wear a swish cloak by popping a wool block in when you make one. Rascals are appropriately mischievous scamps who live underground, while sniffers are previously extinct giants who love plants and can find lost, ancient seeds.

I’m abstaining, but the winner will be announced as part of this year’s Minecraft Live. Last year’s winner was the fairy-like allay, which arrived with Minecraft’s 1.19 update. The mob vote isn’t the only thing being shown during the stream, which should also delve into upcoming stuff for Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons' third season, and some other block-related shenanigans.

Minecraft Live begins tomorrow, October 15th, at 5pm BST/6pm CEST/9am PDT on YouTube and Twitch. You can find more info on how and where to vote on Minecraft’s site here.

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