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Mojang Publishing Cobalt On February 2nd


Mojang have tried to be more than just 'Those Minecraft Folks', but their other projects have been troubled. Their second game, card 'em up Scrolls, is on life support, and Cobalt [official site] has been in paid alpha for over four years. We'll soon finally see the final form of the multiplayer side-on shooter, which is made by Oxeye Game Studio and only published by Mojang, as Mojang have announced it'll launch on February 2nd. Look at these angry little robots shooting each other:

Cover image for YouTube video

Calm down, robots. It'll be okay.

While Cobalt is focused on multiplayer with loads of modes for local and online play, it does also have a campaign with shooting and dancing and pets and chatting and upgrading and whatnot. Y'know, a campaign. It'll also have Steam Workshop support for player-made levels.

Cobalt's coming to Windows via Steam on Tuesday, February 2nd for $19.99.

Mojang will always be known as Those Minecraft Folks, I'm sure, but maybe one day folks in the know will add "Actually they've got this other really good game too..." This is their last non-Minecraft project known publicly, though. Maybe they will just be Those Minecraft Folks. That's fine too!

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