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Mojang Set Cobalt Release Date Back To Feb 2016

2D robo-battling

The last time I wrote about Cobalt [official site], it was the other other Mojang title, sitting alongside Minecraft and Scrolls. It remains the only third-party game in the company's portfolio and has come a long way since I played it four years ago. The 2D robo-battler was due to be released in a few days but a remarkably honest new video shows a boulder of bugs squashing the game's protagonist and announcing a delay. The game is now due February 2016.

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Mojang say the game is done but there are bugs to squash.

"We've been working on Cobalt for a long time and, though the game is feature complete, our current build is buggier than we're comfortable with. We want every part of Cobalt – the campaign, challenges, and local and online multiplayer to live up to your expectations, no matter which platform you play it on. That's going to require a bit more development time."

The game will be coming to the Xbox brothers (360 and 1) as well as PC, and the necessary certification processes may be adding to the delay.

"In honesty, we don't need four months to fix the outstanding issues, but releasing a game on console is an especially complicated business. There are release windows, and certification things, and all kinds of boxes that need to be ticked before games can be released into the wild."

I hadn't even realised Cobalt was still in development. If you're in the same boat, here's a refresher course.

Watch on YouTube

The alpha version which I played way back when is still available to try, provided you have a Mojang account.

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