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Monster Hunter: World brings back cataclysmic elder dragon Alatreon this May

We're almost at the end of the Monster Hunter: World roadmap. Oh, that doesn't mean Capcom's beastie-basher is coming to an end - it just means we're completely clueless as to what happens from June onwards. There's one last nasty to get through before we enter the unknown, though. In May, Capcom are bringing the cataclysmic elder dragon Alatreon back to Monster Hunter in a free update.

"Jack of all trades, master of none" doesn't make it any less scary when a lizard the size of a warehouse is bringing fire and ice upon you.

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Besides that trailer, Capcom have run through the next few weeks of hunting with their latest Developer Diary, starting with two new beasties to beat down before getting to that dragon.

We've already gotten a look at both new monsters, Furious Rajang and Raging Brachydios, arriving with Title Update 3 on April 9th. That update also adds new layered weapons, and lets master rank hunters help their less-experienced friends through the Hunter Helper system. The full changelist can be checked out over on the official patch notes.

Okay, so Alatreon. Something of a fan-favourite, Alatreon is an unstable Elder Dragon that's constantly switching between different elemental attacks. One minute it'll be vomiting lava in massive beams; the next, shards of ice are raining down upon the hunt. In previous games, it had access to Dragon, Thunder, Ice and Fire attacks, depending on its current state and whether it was airborne or landlocked.

As an elder dragon, there's one guarantee: it'll be bloody hard to take down, so bring friends. Oh, and fireproof boots, or- no, ice-resistant earmuffs? Electrically insulated mittens? Dang it, Alatreon, can't you stick to one hobby?

Title Update 4 is the last update named on the current Monster Hunter: World roadmap. Capcom promise more monsters and updates planned from June onwards, but we'll have to spend a little more time tracking those down before we get any more deets.

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