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Monster Hunter: World's Witcher crossover is finally on PC

Aw here we go again

Ol' Geralt has gone tumbling through another magical portal, this time travelling from the world of The Witcher 3 to Monster Hunter: World. The crossover event lets us play as Geralt to track and murder a Witcher monster, the leshen treeman, with his usual Witching ways. Do so and you can get his armour and sword, plus a gruesome outfit for your Palico catfriend. A second, tougher part of the crossover starring Ciri will follow later this month with her gear as rewards, but only for a few weeks.

Right so, here's Geralt of Rivia come fallen through another portal in a new singleplayer quest available at rank 16. Playing as him, we'll track the leshen with his magical Witcher senses that make things glow red, analyse corpses, blast Igni flames, and pull other tricks you'll familiar from The Witcher 3. I understand the quest also has side objectives that can open multiple endings. Do that and you'll get to make Geralt's armour and silver sword for keepsies, and extra-good Geralts will get to dress their Palico as one of those horrible little nekker monsters and give 'em a spooky skullstaff.

That quest is a permanent addition, available from now on. The one with Ciri is not.

From May 17-30th, rank 50 hunters can go on a mega-tough multiplayer leshen hunt. I hear that one's a real git of a hunt. Rewards available from that include Ciri's rad armour and dual swords, as well as ways to get resources for 'layered' versions of Geralt and Ciri's armour that change your look while keeping stats of your other armour. You'll only have until May 30th for this hunt, though I guess it's handy that console players have already gone through the trouble of figuring out how best to fight the beastie.

See the crossover announcement for more specifics on the permanent and fleeting elements of the crossover. And here's a trailer from the console launch:

While Monster Hunter's Witcher crossover hit consoles in February, it's only come our way today. See the patch notes for more details on other changes and fixes in today's update, which is now live.

Capcom are currently working on a Monster Hunter: World full expansion named Iceborne. It'll visit a chilly new land, murder new monsters, and all that. The console release is due this autumn but sadly it seems the customary PC delays will continue.

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