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Monster Hunter: World's Iceborne expansion coming to PC this winter


Encouraging LARPing, Capcom have announced that Monster Hunter: World's icy Iceborne expansion won't arrive on PC until we're already wrapped up in scarves and mittens, coming our way this winter after a console debut in September. Yes, it is unfortunate that our version is still lagging behind, but isn't it fitting to be exploring an icy island while huddling around your PC for warmth? That's more IMMERSIVE than any light-up keyboard. Capcom blasted a load of details and videos about the expansion last night, including a look at a beastie swimming through snow with its horn poking out like a shark's fin. Nope!

Here's the wee 'gameplay reveal' video from last night:

Cover image for YouTube video

I do like how everyone is acting like this dragon is a fantastical cryptid when they've already murdered and gutted through so many other dragons and monsters.

The expansion will bring new areas to explore, new monsters to hunt, and new moves and tools to hunt them with. The Slinger, for example, can be used with your weapon drawn for combos and other tricks. And you'll get to use a Clutch Claw to grapple onto monsters quickly to biff 'em and "even directly guide the monster momentarily." Ride that dino.

Cold will obviously be a problem, and we'll need to dress up warm and chug hot drinks to stay safe. And in the game.

Capcom explain more about newness in this blog post and oh so very much more in this developer livestream:

Cover image for YouTube video

Our guidesman Dave has condensed a lot of that into for ease of reading too.

A winter launch could mean Iceborne hits PC as late as March 20th, 2020. Video games tend to be disrespectful of astronomical seasons, mind, so they likely mean November-January. On consoles it'll cost $40; no word on PC price yet.

Speaking of lagging behind consoles, the Witcher crossover event finally started on PC this week. It lets hunters play as good ol' Geralt of Rivia to hunt a Witcher monster and claim Geralt's armour, and a time-limited bonus hunt later this month will bring Ciri's gear too.

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