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Morgl the Oracle unlock guide

A step by step guide to unlocking the new Shaman Hero in record time.

Blizzard has just revealed it's new Recruit A Friend scheme for Hearthstone, and by participating in the promotional offer you can not only unlock a new Shaman Hero portrait, but also get your hands on some bonus Classic card packs.

While the scheme is, of course, designed to increase the actual plkayerbase of the game, it's fair to say that many hardened players will simply want to get their hands on the new goodies as quickly as possible. For that reason, we've put together a complete guide to unlocking Morgl the Oracle in record time and without having to find so much as a single new player.

Follow the instructions below to the letter, and you'll have your ill-gotten rewards in no time!

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  • Log into Hearthstone
  • Hit the new Recruit A Friend button located at the bottom of the list, next to Add / Remove
  • Select Recruit Friends
  • Copy the URL
  • Paste the URL into your browser
  • Click Create Free Account
  • Create a new Battle.net profile - don't forget to make a note of your log-in details!

Now that you've created a dummy account, it's time to start levelling it up! Fire Battle.net back up and log-in using your new account name and password.

There's no easy way around the next part - you're going to have to complete that painfully slow tutorial all over again.

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Rather than level one Hero up to 20, it's much easier to level every Hero up a little bit. To start that rapid levelling processs, you're first of all going to have to unlock all of the Heroes by beating each one in a single match.

There are two ways of going about this.

Method #1 - Co op

The fastest way by far. With you playing on your dummy account, have a friend challenge you to a match using each of the Heroes you've yet to unlock. Get them to concede immediately, and then move onto the next one. Stop when you've unlocked the lot.

Method #2 - Solo

If you have no friends to help you churn through this initial unlocking process, simply beat the Innkeeper in a series of Normal difficulty matches until you've unlocked all of the Heroes.

Levelling to 20

The reason you've been unlocking all of these Heroes is so that you can level each one up a little bit collectively, in order to hit Level 20 overall much more quickly.

Again, it's back to beating the Innkeeper here. First level up every Hero to Level 2, which should take no time at all. This will give you a collective Level 18.

Finally, pick your favourite Hero and level them up to Level 4, bringing your account to Level 20 overall.

Voila - the new Murloc Hero portrait is yours!

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