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Another Dawn: Mountain Now On Steam

GotY 2014 y'all

I think about my Mountain often, though I haven't visited it since July. The time we spent with our virtual pet rocks was wonderful, but as my mountain entered what I think is old age, I grew concerned. Its musings had became awfully existential and it started babbling, gibbering. It'd fall silent for long periods. At times it seemed at peace but others... was my mountain dying? Not in the way that Graham murdered his either--something inevitable. I didn't want to find out.

But as Mountain arrives on Steam (only £0.99!), I'm feeling curious. Hello, old friend.

Mountain has actually become a lot more interactive since I last looked. It now lets players click and drag objects to move and stack them, has more modes unlocked by playing tunes, and can play music on its gramophone. Gosh! I don't know how I'd feel cultivating or curating my mountain.

In case you missed the wonder, Mountain is a wonderful and contemplative small game to keep running in the background and occasionally check on. You generate a hunk of rock floating in space, rotating slowly, going through seasons, and occasionally offering zen-like thoughts. And it's pelted by crud from outer space--light bulbs and horses, locks and clocks, anvils and aeroplanes all crashing into it and settling. We hugely enjoyed comparing our mountains and their thoughts. And you can play piano to it. It's made by David OReilly, who you might best know for creating the fake 'Alien Child' video game for Spike Jonze movie Her and an episode of Adventure Time.

My Mountain just spoke for the first time since I started writing this post. It said, "NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW." It seems okay with this.

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