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Multiwinia Multiplayer Now

We're a little late with this, but Introversion have released a new demo of Multiwinia. And, listening to the major complaint about the last demo, they've released it with online multiplayer. In other words, download it and you can play any of the demo levels. Also, if joining a LAN game set up by a player with a full copy of the game, you can play anything. Also, they've included Rocket Riot as a new demo game mode. And finally - which is why being a little late is bad - they're also offering a special deal on Steam where you can buy it for a mere $9.99, and it comes free with the splendid Darwinia. This weekend only though, so hurry if you fancy it, like.

Anyway - gotta run. Back later for the Sunday Papers. You'll find the press release - including an admission of being wrong on the demo point - beneath the cut.

Sometimes at Introversion we make mistakes and we’re not averse to holding up our hands, admitting we’ve ballsed up and offering a solution to the problem.

Last month we released our fourth fantastic stand-alone PC title Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest. A retro-arcade multiplayer extravaganza, set in the gorgeously pixellated Darwinia universe with hours of guaranteed gameplay, 49 beautifully unique maps and fantastic reviews from the crème-de-la-crème of gaming press, Multiwinia seemed a sure-fire success.

One big problem. The demo did not contain multiplayer.

Whilst it may be great to crush the AI bots in one fell swoop, nothing beats the guaranteed fun of Multiwinia multiplayer which is why we have been working round the clock to create a Multiwinia demo that gives players more, much more.

The new demo provides a fantastic online multiplayer experience with the available demo maps and also allows demo players to join full games when hosted by a fully paid up player over a LAN. That’s not all – the demo also now contains an extra mode from the full game called Rocket Riot!

Players can now bask in the glory as their 1000-sprite army marches towards an opponent’s vulnerably defended statue, or look on in horror as their enemy retaliates with a 10-tonne killer airstrike on their one remaining spawn point.

To celebrate this great new demo release, Multiwinia is now available on Steam for a special price of $9.99 and for this weekend only Darwinia comes free with any Multiwinia purchase!

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