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My new Valheim goal is to find a tree that just won't fall down

Defying gravitree

Valheim: it's an excellent viking survival game with delightful bees and deadly trees. But did you know, that sometimes when those trees get chopped down they don't succumb to the whims of gravity? When out on their logging endeavors, some players have found mysterious and perfectly-balanced trees that simply will not fall. It's likely a bug, though a very good one that I hope doesn't get fixed. Mostly because I'd like to find my own floating tree.

At first when I saw an image of the phenomenon I assumed players had already built something around the tree to cause it to bug out a bit. But just a day later, another post appeared with a strikingly similar vibe.

In our server, we pay communion to the floating log daily. from r/valheim
I was chopping down trees outside our town when this one refused to fall, it is our God now and we give it gifts so it will bless us on our journeys. from r/valheim

Multiple sets of tree worshippers praising these suspended logs can't be coincidence. I had hoped it might happen to me or one of my pals, but alas the trees we've chopped have all fallen victim to gravity.

These players are obviously doing the smart thing, too. Why wouldn't you pray to a giant physics-defying death plank? If those things decided to topple, one of those poor vikings could be instantly crushed.

Cover image for YouTube videoValheim Early Access Launch Trailer

There's so much to do in Valheim, and I've barely scratched the surface myself. But this random little thing has me so intrigued that I'm definitely spending too much time just wailing on trees. Every time I finish one off, a tiny part of me gets excited that perhaps this will be the one. Alas, they always start to tilt and fall. I suppose I'll just have to build a shrine to the bees in the meantime.

Or maybe I should branch out and use all my wood to make an actually nice home for my viking to live in. I don't quite think I could manage the level of creativity of these outstanding Valheim builders do, but I can certainly try.

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