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The Myst remake brings its classic puzzling to PC next week

Old Mysteries made new

Oft re-released classic adventure Myst is getting re-released yet again, this time as a remake with snazzy modern updates. Cyan Worlds launched a VR remake late last year but mentioned plans to bring the new version to us regular "flat screen" PC folks as well. The time is nearly upon us at last, because Cyan say that you'll be venturing back into Myst next week on August 26th.

"This newly-reimagined version of Myst includes fresh takes on the visuals in every area in the game," Cyan say. "With both VR and 2D play experiences in mind, this definitive, modern edition of Myst will immerse you in the world in a way that has never been possible before."

Here it is, in all three of the dimensions.

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If you don't happen to have memories of Myst of yore, it's a first-person adventure full of puzzles notorious for making folks jot down notes by hand. Cyan have since made spiritual successors such as Obduction from a few years back.

Aside from the fully 3D environments, Cyan say the new Myst comes with other modern niceties. You're able to take in-game photos to help you remember important details instead of, say, drawing them on your palm with the nearest pen. There's also an optional puzzle randomiser so you can still have a challenge even if you memorized them all 20 years ago.

The reimagined Myst also now has its interface localised into different languages and some new accessibility options.

Myst launches on Steam and GOG on August 26th. It will also be added to the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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