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The Electronic Wireless Show S2 Episode 24: Myst and Six Ages have us thinking spiritual successors

When is a sequel not a sequel

Ket art from Six Ages 2, showing a skeleton army riding into battle on their skeleton horses
Image credit: Kitfox

Having been absent for the majority of the last few pods, I'm back! At least for a bit, and just in time for Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind (a spiritual successor to King Of Dragon Pass) to to get a depressing-sounding sequel and Myst to get a Humble Bundle featuring its sequels, both official and spiritual. So that got us to thinking: what in the darn heck is a spiritual successor anyway? Are there standard parameters? We have a definitional argument, as is our wont.

Plus: we've been playing a clutch of games that are both fun to talk about and current, James instigates a discussion about whether SSDs should be considered the default over mechanical hard drives, and Nate does a mini-game contest that is literally just about fish and has no relation to games whatsoever.

You can listen above, or on on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, or Pocket Casts. You can find the RSS feed here, and you can discuss the episode on our Discord channel, which has a dedicated room for podcast chat.

Music is by Jack de Quidt.

We record on a Tuesday so some things may have changed by the time you listen to this.

Some of the biggest games are technically spiritual sequels - yer Dark Soulses, yer BioShocks - and here we start to argue about what counts as being a spiritual sequel and what counts as just being an ispiration. System Shock has inspired far too much. Is Deus Ex a System Shock successor? Is Apelegs a Titanfall successor?

This week Nate has been making sushi in Dave The Diver, I've been forcing people into marriage in Lakeburg Legacies, and James has been seeing things from a different point of view in Viewfinder.

Recommendations this week are the dark comedy Bad Sisters, Willows Liquid Catnip Spray, and the new series of What We Do In The Shadows.

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