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Who Ordered The Charming Never Alone Launch Trailer?

If anything happens to that fox...

Next week is the launch of Never Alone, the platform-based tale of a young Iñupiaq girl and her little Arctic fox companion and as such Upper One Games has created a new trailer upon which you may feast your ravenous eyeballs.

John had a hands-on with the Never Alone a while back and my main takeaways were "It's a charming traditional platformer built around Alaskan Iñupiat culture but with awkward switches between video clips and game content. Also it is charming. CHARMING."

I think at this point, because of how much the charm and the heartwarmingness of the trailers have made me fond of that little fox, I'm a bit worried about playing the game. Not because of Story Concerns or anything like that. I'm worried that there will be feelings to be had and that those feelings might be horribly sad ones if anything bad happens to my Arctic fox friend.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really interested in how the game works and the stories it tells – I know little of Alaskan cultures and their folklore – but at the back of my mind is the knowledge of how distraught I get over bad things happening to creatures in nature documentaries. Not just cute fluffy ones, either. I have cried over the cruel fates of beetles and spiders.

I might just stick to rewatching the trailers over and over.

Never Alone is out on Tuesday, November 18th.

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