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New Apex Legends character Loba will arrive this month with Season 5

This master thief is out for revenge

Master thief Loba Andrade is the next character to be making her way to Apex Legends. After losing her family to a killer robot, she was drawn to a life of thievery - but now she's discovered the whereabouts of this murderer, so it's off to the Apex Games to confront him.

Loba is coming to Apex on May 12th, which just so happens to be the start date of the game's fifth season. Titled Fortune's Favor, Season 5 looks like it's bringing some new story-based missions to the battle royale.

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The latest Stories From The Outlands animation, Legacy Of A Thief, seems to follow on from the trailer that revealed Revenant last season. It shows Loba dealing with the trauma of losing her parents to the robot assassin by becoming the best thief in the business, before finally finding where Revenant's been hiding. Understandably, she looks pretty pissed.

No doubt this is all a build-up to her enacting a revenge plot against him, and it looks like we might actually be able to help her with that in-game. Season 5 is introducing Quests - a new game mode where players can "hunt for treasure and answers" (and supposedly earn big rewards for doing so).

That's about all we know of Loba and the next season right now. There's no official word on her abilities just yet, though datamines suggest she can do things like teleport and steal nearby loot.

If you're interested in knowing some more details about Loba's backstory, I did a big lore dive yesterday you can check out. Come speculate with me!

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