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Revenant slashes into Apex Legends' Season 4 launch trailer

Rise of the machine

Ah, Jimmy, we hardly knew ye. Today's launch trailer for Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation confirms it. Forge was a bust - a well-executed bait-and-switch that almost had us thinking months of speculation had been for naught. Rest in peace, beefcake. After slaughtering suits and televised stabbing, killer-for-hire and one-time Halloween-announcer Revenant is taking his collection of knives to murder island when the next season starts on February 4th.

Revenant might look like a ghoulish Terminator, but he's got the heart of a real boy inside him. A real, soft, bounty huntin' boy who quickly turns a business social into a penthouse meat-puddle.

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I say this nearly every time Respawn pop out one of these videos, but gosh. Imagine a world where Apex: The Game looked half as stylish as these shorts. Respawn have increasingly buried more plot leads into these trailers, and eagle-eyed pilots will notice a quick nod towards Titanfall 2's villainous android, Ash. Heartless metal killers gotta stick together, right?

Forge's inclusion was suspect from the start. Long-rumoured, Revenant has been circulating for some time, and official art for the crimson T-800 knock-off was discovered shortly after Season 4's announcement.

Of course, a televised murderbot isn’t the only thing arriving in the games next week. Today’s trailer runs down what you can expect from Apex Legends’ fourth season, Assimilation.

Not too happy that their investment got murdered to death on live TV, World's Edge is now home to a number of Hammond Robotics worksites. They've brought some toys with them, too, including the Sentinel - a new bolt-action sniper with a nifty "hold" mechanic for pulling back your shots. Season 4 will, of course, also come with a new battle pass full of gun skins, icons, outfits and the like.

Season 4 is also bringing some major changes to ranked play. Apex Predator rank is now reserved for the top-500 players on each platform, with a new Master rank filling in for the not-quite-best-of-the-best. This ranked series has also been divided into two six-week-long splits, with a soft reset and a return to King's Canyon for the second half of the season.

Revenant arrives when Season 4 of Apex Legends kicks off on Tuesday 4th.

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