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Looks like Apex Legends is about to reveal its next character

With a new story video on the way

Exciting things are happening in Apex Legends - well, it's exciting if you're into the game's lore at least. This week, Respawn have dropped a couple of tasty teasers on Twitter, as they do when something fun is about to be announced. It all looks to be leading up the new video in the Stories From The Outlands series that's dropping later today, which will hopefully reveal the next Legend fans have been speculating about since Revenant's arrival - Loba.

On Tuesday, Apex tweeted this gif:

Now, this image isn't completely new info. The text on that futuristic iPad there was actually released before Revenant came to the game, to set up why they decided to put the murder robot in the arena. The post-it notes, however, tell a new story. It looks like someone is investigating the murderous robot to figure out a way to hack him, likely in revenge for one of his assassinations.

But who could possibly want to get revenge on old Revvy? Well, one option is probably the girl that watched him slaughter her family in the cheery Season 4 launch trailer.

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Since this was released, fans have speculated that the little girl is, in fact, an upcoming Legend named Loba. Now, we haven't actually heard about Loba officially from Respawn - the name itself came from datamines a little while ago. The context clues are all there to suggest this girl and this Legend are one in the same, though. In the cinematic she's gifted a wolf figurine from her father, and, surprise surprise, Loba means "wolf" in portuguese.

So, we're pretty certain that we've found our next playable character, however, the intentions of Apex's most recent teaser are a little less obvious. They tweeted another gif, but this time it just has a load of info about Simulacra. Titanfall and Apex fans will recognise this as the type of robot Revenant is - essentially a machine that's had someone's consciousness transferred into it. In the gif, there's some info about a few failed Simulacrum tests, and a bit of exposition that tells us these bots are supposed to still see themselves human in reflections (which you'll notice from the trailer above doesn't apply to our favourite edgelord).

While all of this is pretty interesting stuff, what I'm most drawn to is the little bit in bold in the bottom left corner:

"We will likely see greater success if organic storage is retained as a remote network intermediary."

Once you get past the sciencey words, I believe this is suggesting that Hammond Robotics keep the human remains of people they've turned into Simulacra. If this is true, my bets are on Loba trying to find and destroy Revenant's human parts - whatever's left of him at least, the damn robot's meant to be over 300 years old.

God I absolutely live for this deep lore stuff. But enough out of me, the next installment in the game's Stories From The Outlands videos goes live today at 6pm BST. It's titled "Legacy of a Thief", and considering Loba is described as a Translocating Thief in datamines… I'll let you put two and two together on that one.

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Of course, this could all just be another giant bamboozle from Respawn. We know they're not above murdering freshly announced characters thanks to the whole Forge fiasco. Perhaps Loba has been a red herring this whole time. Whatever the case may be, we'll find out in a few hours.

In the meantime, Apex's Battle Armour event is currently running if you fancy jumping into a few matches while you wait. At the moment, only white armour is available around the map in this game mode, so expect some pretty quick engagements when you come across other squads.

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