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Nidhogg and Nidhogg 2 free updates add new levels and cats

You can't pet the cats though

Good news! Chaotic multiplayer brawler Nidhogg 2 just received a free update adding new costumes and two new levels, including one set upon a train. Even better news: the original Nidhogg also received a free update, adding a new battleground and some new animated cats.

The two new levels for Nidhogg 2, as explained in a brief Steam post, are "Train" and "Office". The former is a "demonic meat locomotive," while the latter is supposedly based on "the real Messhof office." I question this.

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I'm old enough to find the train level reminiscent of Cowboyana, Messhof's old, free western. Because it had one minigame that took place on the roof of a train, see. I didn't say it was a deep connection.

I'm also inclined to agree with Adam in his Nidhogg 2 review, who felt that the sequel's new weapons and larger scope only distracted "from the perfection of the central fencing mechanic."

And Nidhogg 1 is perfection. It's a sword-duelling game that produces exceptionally tense standoffs and intense rivalries, with only a handful of moves or systems to get between you and raw competition. I've played it for hours and hours and hours with friends and I never grew tired of it. Its new updates are a little smaller than those granted its sequel, understandably, but I'm still glad to have a new battleground called "Fields", a new "Permanent Blood" mode, and those cats.

Both games are also currently 60% off, meaning Nidhogg is £2.79/€4 and Nidhogg 2 is £4.39/€6. Heck, buy both - the Nidhogg Complete Bundle is discounted too.

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