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NieR: Replicant ver.1.22474487139... is bringing the cult 2010 RPG to PC

No, I didn't spill coffee on the keyboard. Yes, the ellipses are part of the title. 10 years after its console debut, NieR is heading to PC with the elegantly-titled Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139... - not a remake or a remaster, Square Enix insist, but a spruced-up re-release that's polishing up the audio, sprinkling in some new content, and finally bringing the cult-classic RPG to Steam.

The self-described "updated version" was announced during NieR's 10-year anniversary livestream, then later via the NieR Series twitter account.

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Replicant Long Number is a polished up re-release of NieR's 2010 debut - specifically, Japan-exclusive PS3 version NieR: Replicant and not NieR: Gestalt, an international version for PS3 and Xbox 360 which traded the dapper young lead for a gruff middle-aged dad (affectionately, Papa Nier). Never mind that NieR itself is an obscure ending for Drakengard run amok - and man, we haven't even touched on the live stage show.

Ahem, anyway.

Besides sprucing up a 10-year old game, it sounds like Replicant 90210 will be fully-voiced with re-recorded voice acting, reworking the soundtrack with new tunes, and a new character (via PushSquare). When asked, series producer Yosuke Saito hesitated to say whether the ending was staying the same this time around. With original developers Cavio out of the picture, development is being headed up by Toylogic - with no sign of NieR: Automata co-developers Platinum Games.

Replicant and Gestalt didn't exactly blow the bank on their initial release. But they're proper strange games, and have developed a strong fan following over the last decade. Besides giving us PC folks a chance to get back into Yoko Taro's head, Replicant Phone Number is a shot for all the sad robot fans who hopped on with Automata to check the series' first entry with fresh eyes.

There's currently no planned release date or price available for NieR: Replicant 420, but it'll be the first time the series starter hits PC. It'll also be the first time Replicant is available outside Japan, even as my feed is packed with fans lamenting the loss of Papa Nier. Gestalt was ahead of its time, probably, a whole 4-5 years before we all started moaning about the "dadification" of games.

The 10th Anniversary livestream also announced free-to-play mobile RPG NieR: Re [in] carnation with a similarly vague teaser trailer. Nice concept art, mind.

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