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Night Call is a cab-driving noir mystery


In a bygone age, I used to be a night-shift cabbie. Awful job, but I got to hear a lot of weird stories from drunk or otherwise intoxicated people, and the police even asked now and then if I'd heard anything about the occasional missing person. Never got to solve any murders, though. It's not surprising that upcoming noir mystery Night Call resonates with me, putting you in the well-worn shoes of a Parisian taxi driver trying to solve a series of grisly murders through the surreptitious interrogation of your fares each night. People tell cabbies everything.

Night Call is primarily a dialogue-focused game, with time to get from A to B forming a natural time limit for each conversation. How you navigate the dialogue trees and what information you can pry out of your fares is up to you, but the game is going to be handling the roadside navigation. There's a system where you get better tips if the passenger liked the conversation, so push hard for info and you can end up struggling to make ends meet.

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So far we've only seen the driving and chatting side of the game, but I'm excited to see how exactly you go about piecing together your clues and evidence in-between your nightly travels. You may only be a driver playing amateur detective (unless the protagonist is secretly a disgraced cop or some similar trope), but a good part of any mystery is in fitting those little snippets of mystery together to add up to a coherent whole.

Also, you didn't seriously think that we could go this long talking about a game about driving called Night Call without embedding this, did you? No? Good.

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Glad we got that out of the way. So, Night Call is still a ways off, and won't be ready to pick anyone up until "early 2019", but you can wishlist it over on its Steam page here, or check out the official site for some more info.

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