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No Chicken Supreme: Supreme Commander 2

More news leaking out about Supreme Commander, which is due for a Spring 2010 release now. The new screenshot gallery really does make me say "Crikey" more than I normally do (Normal Crikey rates are about 1.5 per minute. Supreme Commander 2's screens rise it to a mighty 5.4). I mean, have a look at this bad boy. There's also a HD version of a video we've linked to previously, which really shows off the game to its best. Basically, Supreme Commander increasingly reminds me of hyperviolent lego meets Epic-scale 40K. Fuckyeahosity is high.

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I hope they pull it off. Supreme Commander's update of Total Annihilation wasn't quite right. I approve the more-is-more design, but bits of the single player - like the game urging you to complete a section as quickly as you can, but if you actually did that, the next challenge would crush your depleted forces. What it always actually meant was "ignore the game insulting you for being slow - construct a proper infrastructure, and rebuild your forces before crushing the final few enemy units, because the second you do the next objective will send a wave of fighters at your position and end the game". That they did the same thing in the expandalone sequel implies that they hadn't quite learned the lesson - or, even worse, think it wasn't a mistake. We'll see. That they've realised lots of faults like the over-busy AI makes me hopeful. And the upgrading of the units seems aces, as does some of the more mental special thingies - I approve of the cannon which fires units at the enemy. And, as previously stated, Fuckyeahosity is high.

Hmm. Just as a thought: someone really should do an Warhammer 40K skin for Supreme Commander.

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