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No Rest For The Wicked will be playable on Steam Deck, although recommended PC specs may be a worry

Should be good couch fodder

A woman is held by both arms by two red robed figures in No Rest For The Wicked
Image credit: Private Division

Nowadays, I'm more than happy to sacrifice high frames and a big screen for the comforts of the Steam Deck. I like lounging on the couch, the light forearm workout, and heating my room in only a few minutes. So it's good news that Moon Studios' upcoming ARPG No Rest For The Wicked will be playable on launch for Deck, the ROG Ally and other handhelds. Minimum PC specs also don't look too taxing, but those after the shiniest-looking game on recommended hardware may be in for a shock.

Moon Studios co-founder Gennadiy Korol said on Xwitter that we can expect around "30-40fps" on the Steam Deck, depending on the quality settings. There are some dips to "20-25fps" and some cinematics might make that number "dip more". But thanks to their "Game Simulation", the game runs at a locked 60fps, so "the game input for the precision combat remains super responsive!". Korol goes on to say that this info isn't "official-official" yet and that they'll continue to work on performance over time.

"Image quality, performance dips and memory will be further improved as we will be patching and improving the game in the future. I really love how this game feels with Deck's locked 40fps screen and our 60fps game simulation and responsive input. So hopefully we'll be able to get to that locked 40fps target sometime after launch."

The game's PC specs were also revealed in a Xwitter announcement, with what looks to be a fairly forgiving minimum requirement, but a bonkers recommended spec for 1080p 60fps. Although Korol dipped in for some added context, saying that these specs were "deduced from a much earlier build" and that the game plays much better than they'd suggest.

"We are seeing 60fps+ on 2060 in our testing. There will be some dips and a handful of spots where perf will be a bit lower, but for the most part we're happy with how it's performing Day1 for our EA launch!"

I'm just happy they're being transparent about performance and that they've got handhelds in mind. I find ARPGs and roguelikes lend themselves very well to sessions when curled up on the couch, as I can sort of dip in and out of them when the mood strikes. With this in mind, I'd recommend having a gander at our Steam Deck Academy, which is filled with helpful guides on how to get the most from your Deck, whether that's performance wise, installing things, or if you're after the best accessories.

No Rest For The Wicked's launch trailer dropped the other day, as the devs promised no microtransactions, always-online or anti-cheat.

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