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No Rest For The Wicked merchant locations in Sacrament

Here's where to find all the Sacrament merchants in No Rest For The Wicked

Screenshot of Sacrament in No Rest For The Wicked.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Moon Studios.

Looking for merchants in No Rest For The Wicked? As you explore No Rest For The Wicked, you'll encounter your first major town, Sacrament. Here, many different merchants offer services like weapon upgrades, Runes, crafting materials and more.

Join us as we go through where you can find each of the merchants in Sacrament and detail the services they offer. We'll also tell you how you can get crafters like the Furnace and Anvil and how you can restore sections of the town.

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All merchant locations in Sacrament

Screenshot of Sacrament merchant locations in No Rest For The Wicked.
Earn coin by completing bounties and looting from enemies. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Moon Studios.

As you speak to the merchants, their locations will automatically be added to your map in-game. We've listed all merchants below and what they sell/which services they offer:

  • Eleanor the enchantress: Sells and equips Runes to weapons and armour.
  • Fillmore the blacksmith: Sells weapon upgrade materials, cooking recipes, weapons, and armour and can enhance gear.
  • Mira and Meri: Sells clothing and upgrade materials for leather and cloth armour.
  • Grinnich: Sells various odds and ends. From raw materials, ingredients, oils, Weapon Shards and assorted armour pieces.
  • Markos: Sells oils, bombs, potions and potion recipes. (He doesn't appear on the map so keep an eye out for him. He can initially be recruited on the road to Sacrament via 'The Potion Seller' side quest).
  • Whittaker: Sells furniture, tools and blueprints for furniture.
  • Captain Randolph: Offers challenges and bounties.
  • Danos: Offers building projects to improve Sacrament. Also sells these crafters: Anvil, Alchemy Table, Sewing Table, Workbench, Stove, Furnace, Sawmill, Tanning Rack and Spinning Wheel.

It's also worth noting that you can get unique upgrades from the Watcher at the Rookery by trading in Ichor. Ichor is usually gained from winning boss fights.

How to unlock better shops in Sacrament

Screenshot of Danos, a merchant in No Rest For The Wicked.
Fulfilling building projects for Danos will increase vendor's stock, shortcuts in the city and more. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Moon Studios.

Certain services can be expanded and the merchant's stock quality improved if you take on any of the construction tasks set by Danos.

He offers the following building projects as well as various crafters like the Alchemy Table and Stove which should make it easier for you to get refined materials.

  • Lodgings Staircase: Improves access to your lodgings at the Rookery.
  • Whittaker's Crafting Shack: Unlocks the Workbench for crafting furniture and utensils and also unlocks the Sawmill for refining wood into planks.
  • Markos' Alchemy Stand: Unlocks the Alchemy Table to make Potions and Bombs. Also expands Markos' stock inventory.
  • Fillmore's Smithy: Unlocks thre Anvil for crafting weapons and armour. Also unlocks the Furnace to make ores.
  • Roockery Elevator: Unlocks easier traversal from the town square to the Rookery.
  • Caroline's Inn: Sleeping at the inn will restore the player's health.
  • Mira and Meri's Tailor Shop: Unlocks the Sewing Table to make leather and cloth armour. Also unlocks the Spinning Wheel which can refine threads into garments.
  • Gallows Scaffolding: Unlocks easier traversal from the gallows above the town square to the northern section of the city.
  • Grinnich's General Goods: Expands Grinnich's stock inventory.
  • Eleanor's Enchantment Shop: Expands the Gems and enchantments available from Eleanor's shop.

That rounds off our guide to all the Sacrament merchants in No Rest For The Wicked. For more No Rest For The Wicked tips and tricks, see our guide to the best stats to level up first in the game or see our guide to repairing equipment.

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