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Now With Real Molyneux Quotes: Molyjam 2 This Weekend

Game jams are majestic creatures of unbridled creativity that come in all shapes and sizes, but the original Molyjam might just have been one of the best. That, however, left Molyjam's organizers in a bit of a pickle: How do you top ideas born of an absurdly clever Peter Molyneux parody Twitter account? But then - presumably while sitting under an acorn tree that had taught countless passersby how to love - they were struck with inspiration: why not just go back to the original source? So instead of asking "What would Molydeux," this year's jam actually focuses on good old Molyneux himself. His quotes, his promises, your games.

Molyjam Deux goes from July 5-7, and it's already up and running in some timezones. Tons of locations all over the world are playing host to physical jam spaces, and you can check here to see if your city (or rural farmstead, or sunless ice cavern) is one of them. Here are the whats and whys:

"We have decided on this year's theme - actual, out-of-context quotes from the real Peter Molyneux. Molyneux is a man who needs no assistance when it comes to parody. His own words are strong enough. Who but Molyneux has the strength to say things like, 'Pull the right trigger to see The Most Interesting Thing In The World.' Or, 'It's you Americans. There's something about nipples you hate.'"

"Molyjam isn't about sequels. Molyjam is about changing everything. Change is good - without change we die, alone in the pits of despair."

The organizers have provided 22 (heh) handpicked quotes, but you're free to plumb the Internet's un-forgetting depths for your own as well. If you can't make it out to a jam space, there's also the option to work remotely or - if your fingertips bring only ruin, never life - you can simply watch a stream and opt out of participation.

So then, who's planning to jam the weekend away? Also, which quote are you using?

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