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Now you can ride your real bike around Grand Theft Auto in multiplayer

Move over, Zwift!

One of the coolest mod ideas is GTBike V, which basically lets you turn Grand Theft Auto V into Zwift, pedalling a bike in the real world to ride a virtual bike around Los Santos. Now a new version has added multiplayer, letting you trundle around the same city independently or join up for group rides. It almost makes me want to get the kit to hook my bike up.

Cover image for YouTube videoGrand Theft Bike V - Bicycle training in GTA V

GTBike V lets you connect a smart bike trainer or cycling power meter to Grand Theft Auto V, turning your real-world pedalstrokes into virtuacranking. It's similar to Zwift, but with the extra-prettiness of GTA V, the familiarity of Los Santos, and the sheer novelty of this even being possible. You can even upload the rides to Strava afterwards.

Version of GTBike V launched on Friday, bringing the long-awaited addition of multiplayer. You'll get to ride around the same world as other players, free to roam if you want, or have the option to formally squad up for a group ride.

"For now you can only ride together, there are no fancy races or missions, but there are plans for those in the future," the makers explain.

GTBike V multiplayer doesn't run through GTA Online, so your morning ride won't be interrupted by a griefer on an Oppressor Mk II. And no, Fred: you can't whip out a submachine gun to aggressively defend your Vinewood Boulevard segment KOMs.

The update also lets players ride around Cayo Perico, the tropical island added for a new GTA Online heist in 2020. And it's added support for more protocols used by doodads to connect hardware. And reworked the difficulty setting. And fixed some bugs and bits.

Hit the mod's website to download it for free (the devs do accept donations). You will need the right hardware and, y'know, a bicycle (though it does work with some treadmills).

It was a pretty miserable winter for cycling here in Edinburgh so I was sometimes tempted to get a trainer to ride indoors, but I'm not seeking the serious competition of Zwift. I adore cycling around GTA Online normally, so this mod honestly makes buying a trainer mighty tempting. I'll think about this again when summer's over, if it ever starts.

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