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Oh Yeah, TowerFall On The PC In January

You climb the tower, you make the fall.

Android-based consoleface Ouya (pronounced 'what?') scooped up at least one game that everyone wanted to play, the multiplayer archery action game Towerfall. We've known for a while that it would be coming to the PC, and it was expected to flop onto it sometime in 2013. Well lo and behold, it slipped. That's what you get for climbing towers, bucko. Did you not learn anything from Season One, Episode One of Game Of Thrones? At least it's not moved too far along on the release axis, with the developer tentatively aiming at a January 2014 release date. As long as he manages to squeeze in the extras he's planning.

The slippage in this case is a good thing. It means we'll be getting more game for the PC. We've already spoiled the single-player campaign for you, but that's just the start of additional extras. According to Shacknews, the game will also be coming with a level editor and Steam Workshop support.

New classes and new levels will bulk it out, and I like the idea of the "drill arrow", an arrow that you can fire through walls at targets.

I don't know anyone with an Ouya (pronounced 'Orly?'), so I can't just ring up a friend and ask him how good the game is, but everyone who is not my friend seems to think it's great.

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