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Old Man's Journey sets out on May 18th

A pretty one

Even though I work with Alec and John and hear their tales daily, I still want to play Old Man's Journey [official site]. Unlike the mundane travels of those creaking codgers, who are no longer my employers and so can no longer fire me, this old man's journey is a wonderful journey of reflection through a beautiful landscape. It's a gentle story-o-puzzler with a picturebook style, where we'll need to pull on bits of the world to reshape it and solve puzzles so he can continue on his journey. Today a pleasant little trailer announces its release date: May 18th.

Good stuff. That old git's off roaming across a lovely land, reflecting on his life as he goes. We'll get to peep at bits of it in flashback vignettes, all those hopes and regrets and triumphs and tragedies and whatnot - you know, the stuff They say life is really about. I notice that They never mention drifting in cold water miles from any other living human, so I'm sceptical of Their wisdom myself.

Oh, and we'll be yanking on the land to open paths for the chap, move things around, and generally puzzlesolve. It looks quite pleasant. This trailer showed a bit more of that.

May 18th it is. Made by Broken Rules, Old Man's Journey is coming to Windows and Mac via Steam.

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