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Podcast: The RPS Electronic Wireless Show returns! Listen to us talk Far Cry 5, Prey and Old Man's Journey

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Hark! It's the sound of our sweet voices taking up an hour of your precious time. The RPS podcast of old, the Electronic Wireless Show, has returned in a fresh new body. We've got news, interviews and silly features, as well as some of the traditional idle chat.

This week, Pip, Adam and I are chatting about Far Cry 5's "Last Supper" image, the recent layoffs at Hitman developer IO Interactive, and enjoying a jaunt through melancholy puzzler Old Man's Journey. There's also some Quickfire Questions with the developers of survival puzzler Rain World, news from Paradox Con and lots more.

You can listen above on Soundcloud or download it for later. You can also find it very soon on iTunes, Stitcher or Pocket Casts. There's even music in it by Jack de Quidt. We spare no expense.

Links and info:

Far Cry 5's "Last Supper" art

Far Cry 5 trailers and info

Layoffs at Hitman devs IO as Square Enix ditch studio

Rain World review

Prey review

Old Man's Journey review

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