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Layoffs at Hitman devs IO as Square Enix ditch studio

Oh dear

Less than one fortnight after Square Enix announced they were ditching IO Interactive, IO have announced a round of layoffs. While that's no surprise, it is certainly a shame. We still don't know what the future holds for the Danish studio, who are best known for their Hitman games, and the path forward is looking bumpy. Squeenix had said they'd try to find new investors in IO to replace them, but we've not yet heard much on how that's working out. Initial impressions: not entirely great. Fingers crossed, everyone.

IO Interactive tweeted the following statement this afternoon:

"Today at IOI, we had to make some changes to our studio, which will allow us to be better equipped for our future adventures.

"We're sad that great talent and good friends will be leaving the studio. We are doing everything possible to look after everyone affected.

"Thank you for your support and understanding."

They don't say how many people are gone.

An unconfirmed rumour last week said that IO would keep Hitman and continue their plan to make a second season of its episodic latest. Though that rumour also said IO would make an official statement on that this week, and all we've heard so far is, er, this bad news. Don't take the rumour as fact.

Hopefully IO manage to turn this around, both for their sake and for ours. Our Alec has highlighted the new Hitman as one of the fine games making up this "golden age of big-budget PC games that offer us choice and freedom." And I'd still like to see a third Kane & Lynch game, sending the creaking uncles stumbling through yet another mess of their own making.

Best of luck to everyone at IO affected by this.

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