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OlliOlli World's final DLC kickflips into the clouds

New tricks and routes for top players

OlliOlli World is getting a final piece of DLC. Finding The Flowzone, which will be released this November, features a new bunch of levels to grind across - only these ones are set among the clouds. It'll also include new "Windzones" for catching greater air, as well as harder routes designed for the best players.

There's no traditional trailer for Finding The Flowzone, but there is this sea shanty formatted for phones/TikTok. (Did you know that RPS has a TikTok now? How do you do fellow kids?)
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Roll7 detailed their new expansion over on the PlayStation blog. There they explain that Windzones can be used to " propel yourself forward over obstacles, bounce you backward onto hidden routes, and take yourself out with newer, faster, sillier slams than ever before." They should let you perform more tricks and reach higher scores.

The new courses also feature "burly routes", a step further than previous tracks "gnarly routes". These are more difficult paths through levels, which only the best players will be able to successfully navigate but which will of course grant you even higher scores.

Brendan loved OlliOlli World, just as he did the original game, when he reviewed it for us at the start of the year.

OlliOlli World has gone for that most coveted of design goals - "easy to learn, hard to master". I think it succeeds. For those who join me in obsessiveness, it may become responsible for hundreds of game pads laid low by kickflip-induced stick drift. Such is the intensity and frequency with which you will twiddle them sticks. I know. I stand before you a man touched by a divinity only those raised by gaming magazines of the 90s can fathom. I can say, with integrity, without embellishment, that this game is so fierce it will give you literal skin sores. It is blisteringly good.

Finding The Flowzone will launch on November 2nd via Steam.

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