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OlliOlli World hits the park this year with a rad new world of tricks

Drop on in, Radland looks lovely

OlliOlli developers Roll7 are back with a lot more Ollis than before. They've just announced their next skating game OlliOlli World which takes a huge visual leap over their prior skate 'em ups. Begone Flash game aesthetic and hello to this colorful, cel-shaded adventure. Better yet, it adds tons of new tricks too. You can drop in when Olli Olli World hits the park this winter. For now, Roll7 have chatted up some of the new bits, and their excitement for World, in its announcement trailer.

"Traverse a delightful and weird world as you take on missions, challenges, and make new friends along the way. Customize your character’s looks, tricks, and style while you experience explorable levels with multiple paths that provide an array of opportunities for player expression," they say.

OlliOlli World will have a ton of new skate bits for you try out, from quarter pipes to wall rides to alternate level routes. You can spot 'em all in the announcement trailer right here.

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The backdrop of all those skate-y bits is the new world of Radland with its anthropomorphic frogs, skaters with ice cream cones for hair, and fortune telling fish. It's a wasky looking place that Roll7 say "You don't just skate by, you skate through."

As for its predecessors, "it is good enough to play for the rest of your natural life," says Brendy Caldwell on why you should play OlliOlli 2. "It adds manuals and grind-switching and reverts. It offers levels with multiple routes. It leaves OlliOlli 1 in the dirt. Really. The character from the first game is buried in a mineshaft level." He also thinks you should play OlliOlli the original. So yeah, the more OlliOllis the better, right?

Brendy also reminded skatepark hopefuls that OlliOlli is a real tough as nails skating game. It sounds like the next one is bringing down the bar just a bit though. OlliOllie World "ensures new players can enjoy the deep combo system and everything the game has to offer, while pros can really prove their skills, and master a vast number of moves," they say. The extra challenging bits, it sounds, are sandbox mode levels you can share with pals and competing against them for leaderboard scores.

OlliOllie World is planned to launch this winter. You can keep up with it in the meantime on Private Division's website.

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