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Boo! One Late Night: Deadline Released

Spooky sequel to free game

You might have seen One Late Night doing the rounds on YouTube last year. A short, free horror game about trying to escape from your locked offices while uncovering a spooky story, it had a goofy ghost trying to find you to spook you good. Jump scares are big nowadays, you know. But, as Adam recently found with Five Nights at Freddy's 2, that's no reason to rule a game out (he quite liked the first One Late Night too). So here's news that commercial sequel One Late Night: Deadline launched yesterday, looking bigger, branchier, and a fair bit prettier.

Deadline is set in the wider office complex containing the office from the first game, with five floors of rooms to poke around in, computers to mess with, items to find, and things to read. A bit like if Gone Home actually had a ghost. Developers Black Curtain Studio talk about non-linear and optional objectives, multiple endings, a drowsiness system to keep in check with snacks, and a hearty dose of good old fashioned spooking. Something nasty is lurking out there, see, and your antics might be encouraging it. Gone Home with actual ghosts.

The game's on Steam for £10.99. Here, look at this spooky teasery trailery sort of thing... if you dare:

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