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Opus Magnum adds a gruelling final chapter

No I don't want to go in the box

We've already seen some amazing contraptions come out of Opus Magnum - someone's even made a computer - but the Opus-est of Magnums might be yet to come. Zachtronics have stuck an additional chapter on to the end of the alchemy-based puzzler's campaign, and it looks hard as hell.

The 11 new puzzles included in the 'Production Alchemy' update all have to be solved within "the confined spaces of production-grade transmutation engines." Here's what that looks like.

I have a feeling all the Eyedrops of Revelation in the world won't be enough to make me understand how to go about solving these. I've mostly brute forced my way through the campaign so far, using the most expensive tools to make machines that (eventually) get the job done. It's great that this is a Zachtronics game where that's possible, though it's also great that brainier folk than me can sink further into the deep end of the game. As the announcement post says, "if you've been looking for a more "classic" (i.e. challenging) Zachtronics experience in Opus Magnum this might scratch your itch!"

The new mini-campaign comes with its own story, which promises to further explore the world of Opus Magnum.

I'm yet to see the ultimate fate of my alchemist, who's stuck three-quarters of the way through the campaign making stain removers and sword alloys. I'd show you those ones but they're awful, so here's a slightly less terrible potion making gizmo of mine instead.

And no, I don't care that Brendan's machine is nearly three times faster, much less expensive and takes up hardly any space. Not one jot.

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