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Boo! Outlast is free right now, and its expansion too

First-person spooker

One of the better 'peer through a camcorder viewfinder while hiding from spooky monsters' horror games which shambled out of the early tensies, Outlast [official site] is free for keepsies if you grab it in the next two days. Hit the Humble Store before 6pm on Saturday (10am Pacific) and you can nab both Outlast and its prequel expansion, Whistleblower, in DRM-free and Steam key forms. This freebie is to celebrate the end of Humble's summer sale, which I understand has a great many games going cheap. But not as cheap as free.

Our Outlast review from Ben Barrett was glowing, who said it "is not an experiment in how games can be scary, it's an exemplification."

To be contrary, I think I side with Adam when he said its kooky wakka wakka spooky spoo asylum is just too familiar:

"When a place is so far removed from its real purpose, it loses meaning. The asylum as portrayed in Outlast is plucked directly from the horror genre. It no longer has a real world analogue, although the impressive fidelity of the graphics occasionally convinces otherwise by showing us objects and textures that we recognise, right down to the scuff marks and imperfections. The parts convey something sinister and familiar, but they’re soon splattered with too many strokes of false red and the whole picture becomes little more than another fairground funhouse."

But hey, you can see for yourself now that it's free. I know a great many folks dig Outlast and they say the DLC prequel chapter is a good'un too. The pair usually cost twenty-odd quid so free is a good price to poke at it.

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