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Overcooked 2 serves up free DLC for Lunar New Year

A sweet (and sour) free update

Chaotic co-op chef 'em up Overcooked 2 has tasty treats for all this lunar new year, and for the best price of all; Free. In today's patch for the game, Ghost Town Games have added a Chinese mini-campaign with seven kitchens, new obstacles and fresh dishes to assemble. There's also a pair of Chinese chefs to play as, including a Chinese dragon and an adorable pig, which raises some ethical questions about serving stir-fried pork. There's also a new Survival game mode available for use on all regular and DLC kitchens. We've plated up a trailer below, garnished with words.

The Chinese levels feature a fresh new look and two dishes to assemble - a fruit platter and a traditional Chinese hot pot, which sounds just about perfect for a cold winter day like this. Cooking a hot pot creates its own problems, as they're a four-tile item that can take up an entire lane that players might otherwise need to move through. This DLC also provides a fine example of why you should keep kitchen floors clean. If you don't, you attract wild animals and/or roaming Chinese dragons, and these ones don't seem interested in helping cook.

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Survival Mode is the other big addition to the game this update. A new mode available on any kitchen, it's an endurance challenge. The clock is always ticking down, but every dish served adds a precious few moments to the clock. It sounds like an especially fun, high-pressure way to play the game - especially when you've got a team that know the ropes and can move like a well-oiled machine, or at least a well greased pan. And now I'm hungry...

The Chinese New Year update is live now in Overcooked 2. Check out the Extras menu to access the new levels, and the Survival Mode should be available from the world map on any stage. The game is currently discounted in the Steam Lunar New Year Sale, bringing it down to £14.99/17.24/$18.74, though that doesn't include the Surf 'n' Turf expansion. It's published by Team 17.

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