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Overcooked 2 goes to the circus in its latest DLC

A fresh serving

One might be forgiven for thinking that Overcooked 2 is already a Carnival Of Chaos, but it’s becoming even more so with its latest DLC. As ever, there’s new levels and recipes to tackle, and new chefs to do so with. But there's also a new mechanic: huge great cannons to blast yourself out of. You know, for when your pal is on the other side of the kitchen doing something daft and you have to intervene faster than you can run over there.

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There are 15 new carnival kitchens to explore, and four new chefs to go with them, so none of your culinary buddies have to be left with one of the old ones. But no fighting over who gets to be the clown, do you hear me? You’ll just have to take it in turns.

You also have the chance to cooking up new delicacies, like donuts and hotdogs, and serving drinks for the first time so that all your restaurant patrons don’t get parched. And you can charge ‘em more for sticking a soda on a tray and calling it a combo meal.

And obviously you can just mess about and ping yourself all over the shop with the new cannons.

Carnival Of Chaos is out now on Steam for £4.79/€4.99/$5.99. It also wraps up the trio that made up the season pass, along with Campfire Cookoff and Night Of The Hangry Horde. You can get the whole bundle for £14.99/€16.99/$19.99.

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