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Fresh Overcooked 2 DLC brings a Hangry Horde to the gates

Who is food and who is fed?

Halloween seems to come earlier and earlier every year, and this year it’s co-op kitchen chaos simulator Overcooked 2 beating the rest of the pack to getting the vampires and ghosts out from the back of the cupboard. Night Of The Hangry Horde is a DLC that introduces a wave-based attack by the game’s ravenous zombie loaves, the unbread, along with new recipes, chefs, and kitchens. Pretend it’s October and take a peek at the creepy trailer below.

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The new horde mode will have chefs facing off against waves of grimy, half-sentient food, that you’ll need to feed lest they decide that you’re the appetising entrée. Doing so will rack up coins that you can use to repair the beleaguered castle walls or get new shortcuts so that your kitchen becomes more efficient to zip around. Or confusing, if you’re anything like me.

Fitting with the theme, you can now choose to have a creepy chef: ghost, vampire, or werewolf. (The latter looks like a friendly puppy, if you ask me.) And an old favourite, Boxhead, returns from the original Overcooked. I assume given the theme of the rest of the DLC that they’ve been reanimated after death or something.

Your ingredients ought to be quivering in their boots, too, as there’s a new guillotine introduced for maximum effect in chopping those carrots for soup, and furnaces for making pies and roast meat.

Even if you’re too scared to dive into this DLC, there’s a free pack of additional chefs to grab, this time ocean-focused. A shark, a narwhal, and a clutch of pirates are ready to make their kitchen debuts.

I think this game is good, and you’re going to have to take my word for it because I also wrote RPS's Overcooked 2 review when it first came out. “Despite being a largely frantic experience, the game also brings plenty of levity to the table,” sez I. Levity like zombie bread and shark chefs.

Night Of The Hangry Horde is available now on Steam for £7.99/€8.99/$9.99.

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