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Shambling: Overkill's The Walking Dead delayed again

Ever mysterious!

Co-op brain-busting FPS Overkill's The Walking Dead [official site] is now due in the second half of 2018, following yet another delay. It was previously due some time in 2017, and 2016 before that. Made by Payday developers Overkill Software, the game's still a bit of a mystery, beyond being a co-op zombie-killing FPS with L4D-sounding dynamic levels and new characters and stories in the world of Robert Kirkman's zombie comics. Given how vague everything we know is, a delay is little surprise.

The delay announcement is only out in Swedish right now. My own Swedish is limited to "Jag är svensk" -- "I am Swedish" -- which isn't helpful here. Or anywhere, really.

Basically, Starbreeze say they want The Walking Dead to be a good game but it needs more time to become a good game so they're delaying it so it should be a good game when it comes out.

Starbreeze say they'll gab about this game more during their Starstream livestream this Wednesday, May 10th. They've said before that they want it to support VR but it's been years since we heard much from this game so heck if I know what's the plan now.

Don't confuse Overkill's The Walking Dead with The Typing of the Dead: Overkill. Or do! It might be a pleasant surprise.

Overkill boldly called this video a "reveal trailer" in 2014:

Cover image for YouTube video

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