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Overwatch 2 Junker Queen: Everything we know about Overwatch's latest tank hero

What we've learned about Junker Queen's kit in the latest beta

What are Junker Queen's abilities in Overwatch 2? Junker Queen is one of two new playable characters joining the already expansive hero shooter's line-up in the upcoming Overwatch 2, and the latest to be revealed as part of the most recent closed beta. In-story, Odessa "Dez" Stone is an Australian ex-gladiator and the ruler of Junkertown, familiar as the former home of returning hero Jamison "Junkrat" Fawkes. In-game, she plays a tank role within her team who wields a lethal combination of shotgun, throwing knife, and axe weaponry to inflict wounds and deal high damage over time to her opponents. Read on for everything we know so far about Junker Queen's kit in Overwatch 2.

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Junker Queen's kit in Overwatch 2

Junker Queen is a Tank with a stocky 425 health points, and her kit is designed around close combat with enemies. While she is capable of mid-ranged attacks with her shotgun or throwing knife, she really shines when getting up close and personal, whether it be with an axe, a knife, or just that same trusty shotgun. Her initial base damage is pretty standard for a tank class character, but her ability to wound enemies and drain their health further over time is where she really stands out amongst her cohort. Coupled with her ability to heal herself based on the amount of damage drain she's doing to wounded enemies, Junker Queen is more berserker than brawler, since her survivability actually increases the more she's surrounded by her opponents.

Here's a full list of Junker Queen's abilities as they appeared in the latest beta:

  • Scattergun (Primary Fire): A pump action shotgun that acts as Junker Queen's weapon and default when going on the offensive. Players have recorded a minimum damage of 80 per shot and a pleasing capacity for headshots. The Scattergun can carry up to six ammo.
  • Jagged Blade (Secondary Fire): Used for quick melee attacks, the Jagged Blade's passive deals both immediate damage of 80, and wounds which cause 15 points of damage over time. Used as a projectile in active attacks, Jagged Blade acts as a boomerang which can be activated to pull an impaled enemy back towards Junker Queen, while also dealing damage over time. Missed shots can still be recalled to wound enemies along the blade's path. The cooldown time is 6 seconds and, regrettably, there's no headshot bonus.
  • Rampage (Ultimate Ability): Activate to charge forward while damaging and wounding enemies in an AoE, dealing impact melee damage and wound damage over time. The ult also applies an anti-healing effect to afflicted enemies.
  • Carnage (Ability): Junker Queen swings an axe which hits enemies up to 5 metres directly in front of her for 90 impact damage, and also wounds them to deal 55 damage over time. The cooldown time is 8 seconds.
  • Commanding Shout (Ability): A battle cry which temporarily increases the health and movement speed of Junker Queen and her allies within area-of-effect range. Junker Queen's own health recovery from her ability is 200, while allies in the AoE get 100. The movement speed buff is +30% for both Junker Queen and her allies. The cooldown time is 11 seconds.
  • Adrenaline Rush (Passive): Junker Queen heals based on the damage over time dealt to enemies by her wound effects. Her maximum healing is usually based on an ability's maximum damage, so a wound infliected by Jagged Blade will return her up to 15 health, and a wound dealt by Carnage will return her up to 55 health. Wounds from her ult can return her up to 100 health per afflicted enemy.

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