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Overwatch 2 shows off new maps and new fashion

The news from BlizzCon

While Blizzard did not announce a release date for Overwatch 2 at BlizzConline today, they did show some of what they've working on since the FPS's big showing at BlizzCon 2019. New maps! New sounds! New skills! New singleplayer! And most importantly, new fashion.

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One point the 38-minute 'behind the scenes' blast repeated often was: it's a proper sequel, okay, so stop going on about it. The fact that its PvP will be unified with the first game, letting everyone still play together, had some questioning how much of a sequel it actually was. I think that's a pretty daft line of thought (because 1) it's adding a whole PvE side 2) the hell is a sequel anyway?) but evidently Blizzard are making an effort to confront it.

So they talk a whole lot about the progression system that modifies characters with unlockable perks, the efforts they've made with to make guns sound and feel more gun-y, the variety of PvE missions, and so on, as well as showing off several of the new maps.

Also, one of the new enemies is a sexy blindfolded robot who pulls you in like Left 4 Dead's Smoker then stabs you with her metal hair. Oh Blizzard.

On the fashion front, character art director Arnold Tsang explained that they're gunning for "technical wear" looks, using "techy fabrics" and "very intricate but functional straps". It's like going from comic book costumes to comic book movie costumes, complete with the consequence of outfits looking even sillier when they're dragged towards the realm of realism. Here's the new Widowmaker:

Overwatch 2 character art showing Widowmaker's new look.

Still no confirmation of when Overwatch 2 will arrive. The latest word is probably not this year, maybe 2022.

"Overwatch 2 doesn't look like a sequel, but a true sequel would be doomed to disappoint," Matt Cox said in 2019.

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