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Overwatch 2's next hero Lifeweaver might fix the game's support problem

OW2 players are understandably thirsty

Silver haired man reaches out one hand and holds a biotic flower in the other in Overwatch 2
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Support mains, relax. Overwatch 2's next playable character is a support hero called Lifeweaver and he’ll be joining the roster alongside Season 4, expected to begin on April 11th. Blizzard had previously said they were committed to bolstering Overwatch 2's support lineup since it’s currently the game’s most taxing and least rewarding role to play. It seems they’re making good on that promise, though, as Lifeweaver’s reported abilities have the potential to sway matches.

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Blizzard’s announcement on Twitter came shortly after a prematurely released PCGamesN article, which has since been deleted. The Overwatch community’s twitch reflexes mean we still have all of Lifeweaver’s details, though. He’s a Thai healer who uses Symmetra’s light-bending tech, but unlike Sym, he’s more focused on nature.

That’s evident by his flowery design and petal-themed abilities, just in time for Spring. Lifeweaver attacks enemies with spiky thorns and heals allies by charging up his biolight tech, although its burst healing means players won’t need to rely on aim. Similar to Symmetra (or Green Lantern), Lifeweaver can use his tech to create physical objects.

This manifests in abilities like Petal Platform, creating a block that flings into the air when any player steps on it. Some of Lifeweaver’s other tools are similarly ambivalent about team boundaries, and can affect allies and enemies alike. His passive ability, for example, drops a healing pack after he dies. So, depending on your position, you’ll either feed your enemy's heals or support your team from the grave. Lifeweaver also has access to a self-healing dash, and an ability called Life Grasp which pulls an ally into your position, shielding them while they fly. Finally, his ultimate ability Tree Of Life grows a static tree that heals nearby allies and provides cover from enemy fire.

An uncoordinated team will likely have a nightmare with Lifeweaver. Trolls will probably use Life Grasp to disrupt friendly ultimates or generally be annoying, and a dropped health pack makes Lifeweaver a liability behind enemy lines. But despite that, it sounds like we’re finally getting a support character that’s capable of shifting the game. Lifeweaver’s kit is evasive, self-sustainable, and supports allies beyond just healing.

Blizzard had said their next two heroes would be “cute” like Mercy. Understandably, the OW community is confused since Lifeweaver isn’t cute - he’s hot. Blizzard are clearly leaning into the playerbase’s thirst between Lifeweaver’s twunky design, Cupid Hanzo, and the Loverwatch dating sim, and hey, I'm not complaining.

The free-to-play shooter will debut its Season 4 trailer in the next few days, giving us a look at Lifeweaver in action, along with the game’s other additions.

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