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Paradise Killer interview: some answers on the B-side

Or is it a double-A?

In the comments under my interview with the Paradise Killer devs last week, someone suggested posting more of the answers as like a B-side. I thought this was an excellent suggestion, for three reasons: 1) it's a much easier post to write on my part compared to doing the full interview; b) Oli Clarke Smith and Phil Crabtree said a bunch of interesting things that I wasn't able to cram into the article; iii) it might give you a sense of how weird interviews actually are.

This transcript is just two questions and a follow-up, but runs to over 1500 words. The whole conversation I had with these two dudes was over 40 minutes long. So much of interviews gets discarded (like tears in rain etc) and the process of distilling it all down to a few quotes can be, to put it succinctly, a pain in the hole. Especially if your interview subject talks quickly. Top tip to people who don't like interviews: talk slowly. It'll be over faster.

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