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Get Paradise Killer and 11 more games for £8 / $12 in this month's Humble Choice

ft. Yakuza 3 Remastered, The Surge 2, Dirt 5 and Kill It With Fire.

Humble's monthly bundle, now called Humble Choice, has arrived for July and it's a doozy. You can pick up one of our 2020 games of the year, Paradise Killer, plus 11 more games for £8.46 / $12. That's with Humble's current sign-up bonus, which gives you 40% off and three additional games this month.

If you've not played Paradise Killer, it is good. And weird! But very very good. Alice B described it as a 'neon-saturated open-world murder mystery set on a tropical island in a different reality', and I think that's about as good a summary as you're going to find. Oh, and the soundtrack is incredible too.

The Surge 2 is another highlight if you're a fan of the Souls-like games, particularly those set in a sci-fi city setting. Brendan liked the game's shortcuts and combat quite a bit, and also featured the title in four lists so far: best vending machines, stompiest mechs, reasons to be thankful and games like Dark Souls. So that's a recommendation, then!

DIRT 5 is the other big ticket item here. The game plays well, with a good mixture of off-road tracks, knobbly-wheeled cars and modes beyond the normal point-to-point and circuit races, and it looks quite nice with the ray tracing and all too. I had fun playing through it to completion, for what that's worth. (It's also available on Game Pass, by the way.)

Here's the full list of games in this month's bundle, including links to RPS coverage (if any):

The rest of the games on the list are all good or interesting, and frequently both, so this could be a good month to get involved.

Before we head off into the sunset, it's worth re-iterating how this Humble Choice thing all works. It's a subscription service, basically, with three different price tiers - Lite, Basic and Premium. With Basic you can choose three games per month, whereas with Premium you can get nine (or this month, 12). The £8.46 / $12 offer is for Premium, naturally.

That just about does it, so thanks for reading and we'll catch you on the next one. Until then, what's your personal highlight from this month's bundle? Let us know in ye olde commente box below.

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