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Paradise Killer to be splattered with new secrets, sexy demons and sick tunes later this month

Also coming on consoles

Extremely good vaporwave demon murder mystery and/or sicknasty video game Paradise Killer is getting a buncha free new content on PC, coinciding with its launch onto Xbox and PlayStation consoles. New stuff on PC? Why, that's what we write about! Thank our lucky stars.

The new stuff coming to Paradise Killer, which originally launched on PC in 2020, will include "mysterious new beings" to join the cast of big-boobed goat ladies and talking bartender skeletons, new music (very good, since the soundtrack by Barry "Epoch" Topping already goes unreasonably hard), as well as quests and "general performance enhancements". Hold onto your butts for March 16th. Not too long to wait, then. Feast your eyes on the trailer below.

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Paradise Killer is an open world investigation, where the world in question is a weird island of immortals, the cops are dog-headed Anubis-likes, and the lives of the lucky few (extremely weird) important citizens are sustained by kidnapping and sacrificing many hundreds of mortals. You play "investigation freak" Lady Love Dies, trying to figure out who brutally murdered the island's council of rulers. Like if your county council were all killed, except your county council are all DJs and fetishists who shop at Cyber Dog, and your council is somewhere in Florida by way of the gaudiest sections of Harrods Department Store. There is a lot - and I really mean a lot - of weird stuff to discover, and it's one of the few detective games where you can fail spectacularly at figuring out the who in whodunnit.

Given this pitch, then, I'm sure you're now both rushing to buy it, if you haven't already, and very excited to see new stuff in the game. Even if that stuff is as yet very undefined. Along with the promise of new quests and new characters, one of whom appears to be a blue koi carp called Mika, we will be treated to some more rewards and collectibles, and Steam achievements. I know cheevos are the most important thing to you, readers. Also, if you were aching to get Paradise Killer via the Epic Games Store, it'll be popping up there now.

Perhaps most exciting is a whole new album of tracks from aforementioned composer Topping (many, though not all, of which will be in the new version of the game). Called About That... Paradise Killer B-Sides, it's a mix of new tracks, vocal arrangements, remixes and bonus tracks, called things like Moonrise Rapture and Christmas With U. I am slavering at the ears already.

This new good stuff is also coming to consoles, while Xbox Series X|S players and PlayStation pals get some console specific enhancements, including 4K resolutions and 60FPS frame rates, plus ray tracing and haptics and fancy lightbar stuff for the PS5 DualSense controllers. If you were holding off taking the leap into the abyss of murder and mayhem, maybe these freebies will give you the shove you need. It was, after all, one of our favourite games of 2020.

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