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Open world sleuther Paradise Killer is out now

Lady Love needs to meet some Lady Luck

Mundane world murders are enough of a puzzle so hey how about one set in an alternate universe built to resurrect some gods? Paradise Killer is an open world murder mystery where investigation enthusiast Lady Love Dies has to figure out who the heck killed a handful of council members on Paradise Island. Grab your handy notebook because the mystery is out now.

Paradise Island is an imperfect alternate reality meant to resurrect the dead gods once it reaches its final form. Before it can be recreated in its most perfect state, someone offs the entire counsel who were meant to do it. It's a strange place with stranger inhabitants and Lady Love Dies will need to collect clues on all of them to figure out whodunnit. None of the neon-colored cast are above suspicion.

"You choose who to accuse, and build a case to support conviction," say Kaizen Game Works. "Everyone on Paradise has a secret to hide and something to gain. Old friends become new suspects, forcing you to choose between the evidence, the greater good and your own beliefs. There are many possible murderers, but who you pick will define your own personal truth."

Looks like you'll have hints to hunt down all over the city, puzzles to solve, and suspects to question. I'm absolutely down for the fact that every character's got fashion sense is straight out of a costume shop. Looks to be a colorful one in every sense of the word.

You can find Paradise Killer over on Steam where it's 20% off at £12.39/€13.43/$15.99 until September 11th. It's also on the Nintendo Switch.

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