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Clickbait! Path Of Exile: Ascendancy Expansion Today

New areas, subclasses

Free-to-play action-RPG Path of Exile [official site] launches its fourth expansion today, full of new and exciting things to click on in new and exciting ways until they explode into showers of new and exciting belts, jewels, swords etc. The Ascendancy expansion brings new areas full of trials and traps, with new boss battles and, as a reward for besting all this, new character subclasses.

The Ascendancy expansion focuses on Emperor Izaro, an undead chap entombed in a labyrinth which he uses to test people. Heroes will need to complete the six Trials of Ascendancy, dodging traps as they go, before they can enter the Lord's Labyrinth. If they can survive the Labyrinth and Izaro's attacks (dying will kick you all the way out), they can pick an Ascendancy Class. These offer new skills with different playstyles, as well as cool names like Gladiator, Trickster, Occultist, and Deadeye.

The Labyrinth changes layout once per day, so knowledge gained on one run can be useful on the next, and prizes will go to the solo players who can complete the maze fastest each day.

Developers Grinding Gear Games explain that Path of Exile's servers will go down at 5pm GMT today to roll out the expansion, then come back up at 8pm. It's free, of course. They also explain how to pre-download the upload through a Torrent, if you really want to enter the Labyrinth sharpish.

And... I'll stop summing up information. The the patch notes are over here to explain everything Ascendancy adds, and this trailer peeks at some of it all:

Cover image for YouTube video

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