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Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous introduces its Mythic Transformations

And the strategic Crusade Mode

The fifth crusade looms closer as Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous's September release date approaches. As the troops prepare to battle demons and the like, Owlcat Games have released a new trailer showing off the strategic Crusade Mode, some of your party companions, and the special Mythic Transformations that your hero can unlock. Become a demon yourself, perhaps, or a troublesome Trickster. It's a good bit to pore over until September 2nd.

Owlcat debuted a new three minute trailer during the ID@Xbox showcase yesterday to dig into all those above bits. I admit that just about everything else in my brain shuts off when I see ye olde cRPG ground rings so I had to watch it twice to actually absorb any of the information. Just let me gather my party, yes please.

Cover image for YouTube videoFeature Trailer | Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

You can spot a couple of those mythic transformations in the trailer up above, which Owlcat lay out the list of right here:

"As Commander, characters can become a celestial Angel, a raging Demon, a powerful Lich, a cunning Trickster, an otherworldly Aeon, a rebellious Azata, a wise Gold Dragon, an insatiable Swarm That Walks—or remain mortal and walk the arduous path toward becoming a living Legend," Owlcat say.

Picking a Mythic Transformation will give you access to new skills and abilities, Owlcat say. I rather like the look of that swirly, horrifying death cloud, because I can just about always be trusted to roll a Lich when given the option. Your chosen mythic path will also have an impact on your fortress Drezen, Owlcat say. They've already shown off a bit of upgrading Drezen previously.

As for the other big part of running an army, here's some extra info on that brief look at the Crusade Mode:

"Crusade mode enables players to select their general, change the size of their army, and explore the map of the world. It also shows how many movement points that are left, overall combat morale, army strength, and enemy strengths. Animal companions are useful for mounted combat, as they come with their own full-scale progression systems and levels of customization."

I imagine I'm not the only one holding off on Baldur's Gate 3 until it emerges from early access. I certainly might find myself spoiling my RPG supper with a bit of Pathfinder beforehand.

Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous launches on September 2nd on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG for £43/€50/$50.

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