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Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous beta is available to backers now

This is for you, commenter still mad about our review

We can hardly think about RPGs without someone popping up in the comments to say, "What, no Pathfinder: Kingmaker?". So this is for you, traditional cRPG fan: the sequel, Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous is now available in beta to those who backed it on Kickstarter. And there's a new trailer below for everyone who didn't.

Pathfinder is a fantasy RPG originally based on 3rd edition D&D rules, and as such it has a lot in common with some traditional isometric RPGs of yore. Too traditional for some - our Pathfinder: Kingmaker review found the game dry and overburdened by lore.

This sequel does seem to be aiming to up the ante, and the scale, with what they're calling "the Crusade system". It's a new strategic layer in which you will not only lead a party, but also recruit an army and send troops to do battle across the world map. That sounds pretty neat to me - and to enough people that the game got over $2 million in funding via Kickstarter almost exactly a year ago.

If you're one of those backers, or you backed the game after the Kickstarter had ended, you should now be able to access a beta version of the game. It the first 4 chapters of the game, though its developers stress that it's incomplete and you will see unfinished work.

Folks are also now free to stream from the first three chapters of the game, and if you want to see more than the trailer above, the developers ran their own stream earlier today.

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