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Perhaps Ignoring Far Cry 3's Multiplayer Was A Mistake

Far Cry 3 has multiplayer. Or at least, I'm relatively certain it does. I am, you see, somewhat guilty of scampering into single-player's wide open jungles - like a frightened tapir who doesn't want to become a backpack - seconds after start-up. I honestly haven't touched multiplayer in spite of my near-obsessive love for Ubisoft's wild, wild wilderness rumpus, but I now have a strong reason to reconsider. While the mode selection's fairly standard on the whole, the powerfully robust map editor is anything but. Case in point: these brilliantly faithful recreations of classic maps from all across the magical gaming kingdom. Have a nice mid-morning gawk about each place after the break.

All of the maps come courtesy of a player who goes by the handle "ShadowZack." Most of them are fully available in-game, too, so a quick in-game search should put you in the right territory. At any rate, here's Battlefield's Wake Island.

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Also from Battlefield, we have Noshahr Canal.

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And of course, what would a classic map recreation spree be without some variation on Counter-Strike's Dust? I'm fairly sure that's actually impossible by all measures of modern science, so here we are.

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Last but not least, here's a very work-in-progress attempt at recreating Call of Duty's ever-beloved Nuketown, but with a balmy jungle theme. Admittedly, it also scrapes at the outside limits of Far Cry 3's map editor - at least, thematically speaking, anyway - but why not push these things as far as they can go?

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So then, are you impressed? I'm impressed. No, Far Cry 3's not particularly mod-friendly, but the editor looks quite intuitive - which means that more people will be able to realize their insane machinations in the long run. I'm looking forward to seeing how elaborate original (read: non-carbon-copy) works can get as well. So I'm definitely going to poke around a bit. Well, assuming an unreliable assortment of peer-to-peer connections don't sink my ship before it even sets sail, anyway.

Thanks, MP1st.

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