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Persona 3 Reload adds FES expansion The Answer as its ‘final chapter’ DLC later this year

Still no sign of Portable’s female protagonist, though

Robot character Aigis' eyes glow red as she prepares to summon a persona in Persona 3 Reload DLC The Answer
Image credit: Atlus

It turns out that Persona 3 Reload will get previously missing expansion The Answer after all, as Atlus announce that the epilogue chapter included in past re-release Persona 3 FES will be added as DLC this September.

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The Answer, which was originally introduced in the expanded PS2 release of the 2006 JRPG, was notable for its absence from the recent remake, which otherwise expanded the game in various other areas such as social activities and dialogue.

After playing coy about whether The Answer would come to Reload, Atlus revealed during today's Xbox Partner Preview stream that the ‘final chapter’ of Persona 3’s story will be released as paid DLC later this year, as the last part of a three-wave expansion pass throughout 2024.

The expansion pass’ first drop on March 12th will add music from Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4 Golden, with a second wave in May also adding extra background music alongside a set of Velvet Room costumes. Episode Aigis -The Answer-, as the DLC will be known in a combination of its English and Japanese titles, will then arrive in September.

Two personas appear during combat in Persona 3 Reload DLC Episode Aigis -The Answer-
Image credit: Atlus

The Answer serves as an epilogue to Persona 3’s main story, following robot companion Aigis as a new main character through a roughly 30-hour story, accompanied by a new ally in fellow AI party member Metis. The campaign involves a time-looping dungeon known as The Abyss of Time, and introduces both new Theurgies - a battle power unique to each SEES member - and the ability to summon multiple personas at the same time.

The reveal of Reload’s expansion pass with Episode Aigis -The Answer- as its ‘final chapter’ suggests that we won’t be seeing the secondary, female protagonist introduced in Persona 3 Portable anytime soon. (P3P remains playable on PC via Steam, if you’re curious.) Atlus previously said that there won’t be a Persona 5 Royal-style edition of the remake, either, so you can at least pick up this DLC knowing it won’t be bundled into an even more polished re-release a year down the line.

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